Social Blogging Zone

The priviledge of living or flying in the Western Cape must not be underestimated. With its magnicent scenery, majestic mountains and a social environment that is the envy of the world, local flying present experiences that we are sure many pilots wants to share with others and here is a space for you to do so!

Our academy is firstly and mostly a place of learning but we realise our customers are people with dreams, aspirations and probably many experiences to share. This social space on our website is intended for anyone with a passion for flying can come and share their experiences, wisdoms and highlights with others, either word form through our blogs, or in picture format through our picture gallery..

All we are asking is that you register as a user to be able to contribute to this social zone..


Any registered user can submit a blog (an article of interest) to be considered for publication. If the administrators feel that the submiited blog support our ethical and moral values, and if it conveys a meaningful message that our followers would love to hear, then we will be delighted to publish it. So what are these ethics and values...? We are simply asking for common sense and commen decency to prevail...thus no profanity, no racial or offensive content or nothing that does not contribute positively to our aviation community.


Any registered user can directly post any photographs of aviation interest. As these photos are not moderated before publication, we again ask for common sense (we do not really want to see pictures of your family party) and common decency to prevail. Although we are trying to keep the catagories to an aviation theme, we would be interested in any other related pictures of things and events that will delight most pilots!

RIGHTS RESERVED: We do not assume any responsibility for copyright or right to privacy or any other rights that you may infringe in your publuications of articles or photos that any usr may be uploading. We do reserve the right to remove any offensive or innaproriate content or to revoke the rights to upload for any user found in contravention of our values