For schools wishing to participate in our Partner Program, please note the following salient points:

The Partner School will...

  • Be required to enter into a formal contract with SFA (This is also a SA CAA requirement)
  • Use their own Instructors, using their own TPM, training plans and student files
  • Ensure their Instructors are FSTD rated and IOS approved on our FSTD
  • Be responsible for the DE fee to do the FSTD rating (SFA will provide the FSTD free of charge for this)
  • Get login access to our online booking system
  • Be provided with keys for after-hours access to our facility

From a financial perspective, the following arrangments apply:

  • All student must settle the FSTD rental fee directly after each flight or as soon as posible thereafter
  • If the Partner School prefers to settle the FSTD rental fees, this must be done monthly
  • We charge identical FSTD rates for all schools and/or student

To encourage usage from our Partner Schools, we offer a Rebate Structure, based on:

  • No minimum hours to qualify for a rebate
  • Structured rebate fees to reward higher utilisation
  • Rebates are paid monthly

Contact us for more information regarding our Partner Program by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.