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Ground School Courses

Our Advanced Pilot Training includes the relevant ground school courses but for students doing their flight training elsewhere, you may still enrol for any of our ground school courses.

In the spirit of providing the flexibility required by a modular training programme, our CPL ground school training roster is designed to offer wrap-around training in all the subjects on a continuous basis, all year round. The ground school cycle repeats every few months and that means that you will have several opportunities to attend lectures for any particular subject in any one year period.

You also do not have to attend all the subject lectures in a consecutive manner. CAA now allows you to write one subject at a time and you have 18 months to pass all exams from the date that you pass the first exam. If you are a working person with limited time available, you can now plan your ground school attendance and exam dates to be stretched over a longer period.

We strongly recommend that you re-attend any ground school module if you fail a particular exam before you re-attempt it. In fact, the regulations stipulates that this is a requirement if your marks were less than 65% (70% is the pass mark) but this is not always enforced at present.

Most flying schools do not currently offer any ground school training for the CAA Flight Instructors exams and leave students to fend for themselves on a hit-and-miss basis, using their PPL and CPL notes to prepare for exams. This is no longer adequate. For example, the new Flight  Instructor syllabus now includes subject matter that requires specialist training such as the recently added 'Principles of Flying Instruction' that is included in the CAA exam question database. We now offer Ground School lectures that covers the syllabus for the two Instructor exams you are required to pass.

Our Airline Transport Ground School Course is only offered on demand and typically would only cover certain difficult subjects. The lecture format is also more interactive and modelled on facilitated workshops rather than podium lectures.

We are offering the following Ground School Courses:
  • PPL Subjects (7 exam subjects) More...
  • CPL Subjects (8 exam subjects) More...
  • ATP Subject (6 exam subjects) More...
  • Night Rating (1 exam subject) More...
  • Instructor Rating (2 exam subjects) More...
  • Restricted RT Certificate More...
  • General Radio RT Certificate More...
  • Language Proficiency Rating More...

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