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Our Mission
Our mission is to promote affordable aviation and safety through offering high quality advanced training training to the general aviation sector with a special focus on training professional pilots that want to pursue careers in the Part 141 or Part 135 sectors of aviation. (Instructors, Charter Pilots, Contract Pilots and Company Pilots) as well as aspirant Part 121 (Airline) pilots.
Our Facilities
Our purpose-built facility at Stellenbosch Airfield includes:
  • Two simulators (Certified FNPT II and non-certified FNPT I)
  • Instructor briefing rooms
  • Large lecture room with multi-media equipment
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) with multi-media PC's
  • CAA exam Centre
  • Student waiting room with relaxation facilities
Our partner training school also operates a Seneca II for multi-engine training. (The FNPT II simulator flight model and panel layout are based on the Seneca for better harmonised cross-training between simulator and aircraft)
Our Management Team
Managing Director & QA - Francois Stols
Francois has been flying for 35 years and holds a CPL/IF rating and is a Grade II instructor. He also has 30 years experience in managing large companies and international businesses. He is also the CI responsible for the generations and maintenance of course plans and quality.
ca1976CFI - Captain Paul Lewin
Paul has over 23 000 hours experience and flew for SAA for more than 30 years as a Senior Training Captain. He holds an ATP and he has thousands of hours instructing on various Boeing and Airbus types. Paul is also an approved DFE1 
Marilyn_Monroe_Caricature_by_manoheadAccounts - Kay Joslyn
Kay has many years experience managing several flying schools in the Western Cape. Although no longer holding a valid pilot licence, Kay has several hundred hours flying experience and understand the needs of the industry well.
Administration Manager - Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz currently holds a CPL and is busy doing his Instructors rating. He is the Responsible Person for our Simulators and Aircraft and he also operates our front desk and is responsible for student bookings, student progress mapping and tracking. 
Our Instructors
We pride ourselves in employing top-class instructors that has many years airline and/or airforce experience. In addition to the full-time specialist instructors listed below, we also have several part-time and specialist instructors on our books that provides both ground lectures and flight training.
Our full-time specialist instructors includes:
  • Paul Lewin, an ex-airline (SAA) Airbus Training Captain with over 20 000 hours experience, including thousands of hours on Boeing and Airbus simulators. Paul is also a CAA Designated Examiner (DFE1) and is also the Chief Flying and Simulator Instructor at SFA.
  • Adrian Woodley, ex-airline Captain and South African Airforce Instructor on Harvards, heavy transport aircraft (C130), jets (Impala) and Helicopters. After his time in SAAF, he flew business jest (such as Falcon and Learjets) airliners (such as Airbus) in the Middle East, including Training Captain at Gulf Air.
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