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Our training programmes specialise in Advanced Pilot Training and we offer top class pilot training courses based on a modular curriculum to ensure that a uniform, high standard of training is maintained at all times.

For all other pilot training such as Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and PPL night ratings, including your hour building, we recommend that you enrol directly with any of our Partner Schools (We have listed the links to their websites on the left for your convenience) By making use of our Partner Schools, you will still receive the benefit of some of our facilities such as our modern FNPT II simulator or CPL/ATP ground school and other specialised courses)

Our Advanced Pilot Training courses are designed for students wishing to become professional pilots in a training environment that integrates and optimises the effectiveness of all aspects of their training...from classroom to simulator...from simulator to flying...and from flying to exams and skills testing.

 We offer the following Advanced Pilot Training courses directly:

  • Advanced Pilot Licences (Such as CPL and ATP)
  • Advanced Pilot Ratings (Such as Instrument and Instructor)
  • Advanced Class Ratings (Such as Multi-Engine)
  • Certifications (Such as Language Proficiency and RTT)
  • Recurrent Training and Revalidations (Such as IF and ATP)
At the completion of each training course, your competency must be evaluated and assessed before your licence or rating can be issued by the SA CAA. Our in-house CAA approved on-line exam centre and local Designated Flight Examiners (DFE's) ensure that these vital last aspects of obtaining your licence or rating are also provided at our facilities. These include:
  • Theory Exams
  • Skill Test Preparation
  • DFE Skills Tests

Flight Training Options

We are currently not offering any ab-initio pilot training courses such as Private Pilot Licences (PPL) and we encourage you to enrol directly with any of our Partner Schools for such training.(For your convenience and planning, we do provide course overviews for all pilot training courses on this website but note that each Partner School may have slightly different curriculum or training program)

For advanced training courses, you may enrol directly with us for your any or all aspects of your advanced training, including our ground courses, simulator training and flight training.

Herewith an overview of all Pilot Training Courses:

Pilot Licence Courses
  • Private Pilot Licence - PPL (More...)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL (More...)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence - ATP (More...)

Advanced Rating Courses
  • Night Rating (More...)
  • Instrument Rating (More...)
  • Initial Instructor Rating (More...)
  • Initial Multi-Engine (Twin) Rating (More...)
  • Initial Multi-Engine IF Endorsement (More...)
  • Multi-Engine Instructor Endorsement (More...)

Certification Courses
  • Restricted Radio Certificate - PPL (More...)
  • General Radio Certificate - CPL/ATP/IF (More...)
  • Language Proficiency Certificate (More...)

Ground School
  • Private Pilot Licence - PPL (More...)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL (More...)
  • Airline Transport Pilot - ATP (More...)

Theory Exams

We have a CAA approved on-line examination centre and can offer the following exams. (For CPL, ATP and IR exams, we can assist you with arrangements to write on-line in Midrand)
  • PPL
  • CPL* 
  • ATP* 
  • Restricted Radio Licence 
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument Rating*
  • Instructors Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
* These exams are currently conducted by CAA as an on-line service at their offices in Midrand. They also offer sittings for each subject in Cape Town area approximately every six weeks.

 Click here to book an exam

DFE Skills Tests
  • Initial CPL Issue
  • Initial Night Rating Issue*
  • Initial IF Issue
  • Initial CPL/ IF Issue
  • Initial ATP Issue
  • Initial Multi-engine Rating
  • Initial Multi-engine IF Endorsement
  • Initial Instructor Rating (Grade III)
  • Instructor Rating Upgrade (Grade III to Grade II)
Large parts of these tests will be done on the simulator but some of it may have to be done on an aircraft. We will advise you accordingly when you make your booking.

 Click here to book a Skills Test.

Partner Flight Schools

Our Partner Schools make use of our facilities such as our Simulator and their instructors are fully trained and certified by us to conduct training on our simulator.

If you wish to conduct any training through any of our Partner Schools, kindly enrol with them directly and make all future bookings for any of our facilities through the Partner School and not with us directly.

Ad Hoc Simulator Training

any of your simulator training needs are not listed above, or if you want structure your training different to our courses, or if simply want to book a session or two of dual simulator training with one of our Simulator Instructors, kindly contact us or click here to make an on-line booking.

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